Season 2020. Rental contract: General conditions for rent in Spain peniscola.

Any RESERVE is the subject of a written contract that must be completed with care and precision. It is established for a specific number of people. For reasons of safety and insurance, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the number of persons indicated in the contract. On the site, we have the right to deny access to housing to persons not included in this contract.

BABIES are considered as persons in their own right and must also appear in this contract.

With regard to ANIMALS, ask us about the conditions of acceptance according to the type of housing. For your information: the health authorities request a certificate of vaccination against rabies and a certificate of good health established for less than 8 days.

METHODS OF PAYMENT accepted: Agency DELATTRE accepts payments: * By bank transfer to the account whose IBAN codes are indicated at the beginning of the contract .. and * in cash in euros. Other forms of payment are not accepted.

A DEPOSIT in euros (cash) will be required when you arrive at the delivery of the keys to respond to any damage or dirt that may have occurred during the stay.

DEPOSIT: must be paid at the time of booking. It must represent: * 30% of the total rent more than one month from the start of the stay. * 100% of the rental amount within one month of the start of the stay.

CONFIRMATION: The reservation will be final only after receipt of the accepted contract, signed without deletion and paid 30% of the reservation indicated in your contract. Within two weeks after the return of the contract and / or the payment of the reservation, a receipt will be sent to the tenant (Entry voucher,).
In case of not receiving the amount of the reservation within 10 working days after the contract is sent, a reminder email will be sent. In the case of a negative response, or no response within the next 2 business days, the rent becomes available to another customer without prior notice from us.

REMAINING PAYMENT: The balance must be paid 30 days at least before the arrival date, or exceptionally and at the request of the client, in the office in Peñiscola, in this case, only in cash.

ARRIVAL: Each tenant upon arrival must come to the address indicated with his / her voucher. The offices are open from 5pm to 8pm. In case of delay, it is essential to notify the delattre agency. All arrivals between 20 and 23 hours (will not be received after 23 hours) and Sunday morning before 11 am will be charged € 50.
No key will be given until all payments, the balance and the security deposit have been received. (in cash when payment is required in this form). In case of default, the rent is canceled in a pure and simple manner, the remaining amounts paid to the lessee, the latter has the rent. If the tenant does not show up during the hours provided on the day of the contract, the entry will be made the next day according to the availability of the tenant. If the tenant has not appeared on the day mentioned in the contract, he spent a period of 24 hours and without notification notified to the tenant: this contract is considered voided; The remaining amounts paid to the lessor, the latter has the rent.

INSTALLATION: All rentals are delivered with all the facilities in working conditions and no claim related to them can be admitted that occurs more than 48 hours after the entry into the enjoyment of the facilities. Obligation to occupy them with respect and to maintain them. Repairs that are necessary due to negligence or poor maintenance during the rental will be the responsibility of the tenant. - Obligation to ensure that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed by the fact that the policyholder or his family. - All furniture and equipment in the inventory must be replaced in its place. Attention: bed linen is not provided. Possibility of renting it specifying it when signing the contract. See all conditions on the "options" page. Non-contractual photos

DEPARTURE AND DEPOSIT: Departures take place between 7 am and 10 am. In the event that the inventory is not made, due to a departure time different from that provided in the contract, the tenant will unilaterally carry out the inventory of accessories during the scheduled departure time and return the deposit (bank charges at the expense of the tenant) within 15 days of departure in the absence of degradation and subject to good restoration of premises (including the home).

If damages are found, the tenant will be informed by certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt within a week. In this case, a period of 2 months after the departure date will be observed to return the deposit m

damage, loss of objects, etc. ... As regards duly noted impairments, they will be subject to a deduction in the guarantee whose amount will be determined by friendly agreement between the lessee and the tenant. In case of dispute, an estimate will be made by a professional. If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to complete the sum.

CLEANING: The tenant agrees to leave the rent as clean as it will have been on arrival, that is, housing, terrace, sanitary and domestic appliances, etc. ... Possibility to entrust this work for an amount that varies from € 60 to € 120 depending on the category of the rental.

MODIFICATION OR CANCELLATION OF THE CONTRACT: Modifications will not be accepted (change of date, type of accommodation, place, etc.) within 60 days prior to the beginning of the stay for the months of July and August. In case of early termination of the stay by the tenant, the rental price remains acquired. There will be no refund, except the deposit provided there is no damage to the inventory of places of departure.

CANCELLATION: Non-refundable rates, in case of cancellation, Agence Delattre will not make any refund. In case of force majeure (sale, seizure, fire, etc.) the lessee reserves the right to change the accommodation provided for a similar rental, including the same features or for a higher rent without change of rate

INSURANCE: The tenant must be insured. According to the civil code, you are responsible for the damages caused to the dwelling by your negligence or that of the people in charge of you. In some cases, the insurance contract of your main home includes a "resource" clause that can (see the scope of the clause) cover it during your vacation. If this is not the case, contact your insurer to obtain an extension of the warranty. We advise our clients to take out cancellation insurance with an insurance company (Europ Assistance or other ...)


COVID-19: Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, we cannot apply the Force Majeure Causes Policy, since the coronavirus and its consequences are no longer considered unforeseen or unexpected. For contracts made after March 14, if the rented dates fall during the confinement we can give you a Bonus of the total rental valid until September 2021 knowing that we are open from April to September.

DISPUTES: In the case of a dispute related to the execution of these presents, the undersigned parties agree that the competent court will be that of Vinaroz (Spain)

By your signature, the tenant acknowledges having read this contract.

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