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The Delta del Ebro

Delta de l'Ebre

An alluvial plain of 330km2; that stretches out to sea over 22km; has an astonishing richness of fauna and flora; make this natural reserve one of the most spectacular of all the Iberian Peninsula.
The scarce population is gathered in
small "pueblos" in the middle of rice plantations that have been cultivated for centuries..


A wonderful spot for photographers !

 due to the great diversity of its fauna: 300 species of birds recorded (i.e. 60% of the species present in all Europe! ) and its flora (more than 500 species! )


A paradise for sporting fishing!!

The delta del Ebro is what the Americans calls a hot shot, a hot point around which, throughout the year, very many fish species gather


Principal species (according to season): tuna, leer fish (~20kg), seriole (until A 2m for 50kg), line (30~40kg in August), silure, bar, sea-bream, plate, bonito, pikes... etc.


In Riomar, at the mouth of the delta, you will find Enrique Navarro who has been giving invaluable advices to fishermen over the past thirty years.
You can hire a boat with or without skipper and go fishing or simply navigating at an affordable price


Excursions , Fishing ,Deep sea diving

La Sierra d'Irta

falaises Peniscola

 The southern littoral of Peniscola is abrupt and rocky. It is punctuated by small beaches and high cliffs providing accessible ideal spots for fishing and deep-sea diving

sierra de irtaYou enter the Sierra de Irta ,a protected natural reserve of 12000ha at an altitude of 573m.
There is a 15 km virgin littoral frontage void of any urbanization

sierra de irtaSigned paths enable you to visit it on foot, on horse or on VTT for the pleasure of the effort or to enjoy an authentic nature. To be seen!





The city of Arts and Sciences

valenceReserve one day to visit Valence and its splendid "City of arts and sciences " . A marvelous interactive and gaming journey in the heart of science and life.


The Oceanographic, one of the 5 achievements of the "City" is the largest aquarium-delfinarium of Europe with 45000 fish,42 million liters of water and white whales, dolphins, sea lions and even a colony of penguins!
Exciting entertainment guarantied in the "Hemispheric" cinema, the Laserium and the Planetarium!

The museum of sciences is interactive, you will take part in the experiments!!
Not to be missed !.