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Season 2017 . Rental contract

Each RESERVATION is subject to a written contract having to be filled out with care and precision. - It is established for a given number of persons - For reasons of safety and insurance, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the number of persons indicated on the contract. On arrival, we have the right to refuse access to the apartment to any person in excess of the number registered on this contract.

BABIES must be registered on this contract

ANIMALS: consult us on the conditions of acceptance according to the type of housing. A certificate of vaccination
. against rabies and a certificate of good health less than 8 days old are required.

A BOND and DEPOSIT. A bond is required to cover the damages which could occur during the stay. Both have to be paid in Euros either in cash on your arrival for the handing-over of the keys.

CONFIRMATION: The reservation will be valid only after receipt of the accepted and signed contract without alteration or additional clauses and the receipt of the installment indicated on this contract. Within two weeks following the receipt of the contract and the payment of the reservation, a receipt will be sent to the Client.

CONFIRMATION: The reservation will be valid only after reception of the accepted and signed contract without erasure nor additional clause and receipt of the installment indicated on this contract. During the two weeks which follow the receipt of the contract and the payment of the reservation, an acknowledgement of receipt will be addressed to the tenant

BALANCE PAYMENT. Outstanding amounts will have to be finalized either in a minimum of 30 days before the date of arrival, or exceptionally, on arrival in Spain, and only in cash.

ARRIVAL. Tenants must present themselves with their voucher at the address indicated on their contract. The offices are open from 5pm. To 8pm.

All arrivals between 20h - 23h (we will not receive after 23h) and on Sunday morning before 11 am will be charged 50 extra

. In the event of being late, you must forewarn the Reception Office. No key will be given before full payment has been received, including the bond. (In cash when the payment is required in this form).
In the event of the rental not being fully paid, the contract is void, the sums paid are acquired to the Agency which is then free to use the premises at its discretion. If the Tenant did not present himself during the hours as set out in the contract, the entry in the places will be carried out the following day according to the availability of the agency. If the tenant did not present himself the day mentioned on the contract and the rental has not been fully paid and the Agency has not been forewarn then, passed a 48 hours deadline, this contract is regarded as void. The sums paid are acquired to the Agency, which can then dispose of the premises.

FIXTURES AND APPLIANCES: all premises on offer are in good operating order and any complaint with regard to them occurring
. more than 48 hours after the taking possession of the premises, will not be accepted. It is an obligation for the Tenant to maintain them in good order. The repairs made necessary by negligence or bad maintenance during the rental will be under the responsibility of the Tenant. - Obligation to take care that the tranquility of the neighbourhood is not disturbed by the behaviour of the Tenant or his family. - All equipment listed on the inventory will have to be handed back in good condition.Caution : The household linen is not provided. Possibility off renting it by specifying it during the signature off the contract. See the options' page

DEPARTURE and GUARANTIES: The departures take place between 7am. and 10am. In the event that an inventory has not been carried out, for instance due to an early departure of the Tenant, the Agency will on its own carry out the inventory at the time initially planed. In the absence of damages and after having checked the good cleanliness of the premises, the bond will be returned within ten days after the departure day.
Should damages be noticed, the Tenant will be informed by registered mail with acknowledgement of delivery under about eight days; within two months after the departure date the bond will be returned, deduction made of the value of damages, loss of objects, etc. With regard to duly proven important damages, the bond will be subject to a deduction whose amount will be determined by mutual agreement between the Agency and the Tenant. In the event of litigation, an estimate of the damages will be made by a professional. If the deposit proves to be insufficient, obligation is made to the tenant to pay the difference.

CLEANING: The Tenant commits himself to return the apartment as clean as he found it on his arrival, i.e. housing, terrace, sanitary, appliances etc... It is possible to contract this work to a cleaning company for an amount of 60 to 120 depending on the size of the dwelling

MODIFICATION OR CANCELLATION OF THE CONTRACT: No modification will be accepted (change of date, type of premises, place, etc.) during the 60 days period preceding the beginning of the stay (for August and July stays). In the event of anticipated interruption of the stay by the Tenant, the rent remains acquired. No refund will be made, with the exception of the bond and deposit, provided there is no damage at the time of the inventory at the time of exit.Cancellation : no refundable , in case of cancellation no refund will be made to Agence Delattre. In the case of event beyond our control (fire, Court Order etc.) the Agency reserves the right to exchange the dwelling planned for a similar one of the same or higher rental without change of tariff.

INSURANCES: According to the legislation, Tenants must be insured concerning the premises they are renting, they are responsible for the damages caused to housing as a result of their negligence or persons they are responsible for. In certain cases the contract of insurance of your principal residence, includes a clause "holiday" which can (check the extent of the clause) cover you during your stay. If it is not the case, contact your insurer in order to obtain an extension of guaranties. We recommend our customers to subscribe a cancellation insurance

LITIGATIONS: In the event of litigation for the execution of the present contract, both parties agree to refer the case to the Vinaroz Court that will be the sole competent jurisdiction

By his signature, the tenant admits having taken knowledge of this contract